Closing Costs Calculator

For amounts over $1,000,000.00 please call for estimate.

AETIC Tulsa Main: 918.585.2200
AETIC OKC Main 918.232.6700

Sales Price
Loan Amount
Closing Fees
Abstracting Fees (Estimate)
Title Exam
Final Search/Exam
Owner’s Title Insurance
Lender’s Title Insurance
Pre-Closing Gap
Title Services (wire, courier fees, etc.)
Document Prep Fee (if applicable)
Notary Signing Fee (if applicable)
Estimated Total

Additional Fees (if applicable)

Release Fee (Affidavit) $100.00
FCC / UCC (out of Oklahoma County) $200.00
Bankruptcy Search (if applicable)
Document Prep Fee $25.00
Notary Signing Fee $150.00
Abstracting Fees
Mobile Home Post-Closing Processing Fee $250.00
Mobile Home Title Transfer Fee $14.50
Mobile Home Title Cancellation Fee $5.00

In addition: Recording of document fees are $13 for the first page and then $2 each additional page.

Disclaimer: Fees apply only to residential closings the state of Oklahoma and are subject to change based on title requirements and the need for curative work. Please note that all Estimated Abstracting fees are set and maintained by the respective companies within each county.

Please call the office nearest you for a quote on title insurance policies over 1 million dollars.

** This is our basic fee sheet (borrower) only, please note that there may be additional fees assessed if additional work is done **